Grupo Anderson’s EN


The jewel of the Mexican Caribbean, Cancún, was founded in 1970 with the initiative of becoming a world-class tourist destination and has stood out for its beautiful turquoise beaches, white sand of soft texture, abundant biodiversity, and culture rich in history, thus becoming the most important tourist destination in Mexico.


Aside from being a vacation destination, it has become home to thousands of people; foreigners and Mexicans, as well as renowned companies such as Xcaret that promote sustainable tourism recreation, Best Day was born with the mission of providing incredible experiences and the opportunity to travel around the world, the Bojórquez hotel chain, supporting the hotel industry making a breakthrough in the city’s tourism initiative and, of course, Grupo Anderson’s, contributing to the growth of the restaurant sector. All of these companies and more have moved forward thanks to a city founded on the development and dedication of all its people.


Cancun has been our home for more than four decades, it saw our birth with the creation of Señor Frog’s, established the growth of Grupo Anderson’s with the emergence of seven more brands such as Harry’s, Porfirio’s, Ilios, CAO Modern Mexican Kitchen, La Vicenta, Fred’s and H Roof; and returned to the city as part of our origin and history.


We want to thank Cancun for the shelter it has given us, for all those adversities we have managed to overcome, for always granting us second chances, and for all those treasures we have found on the shore of the turquoise sea.


For this and much more, congratulations Cancun on your 52nd anniversary!