Grupo Anderson’s triumphant at Marketing Awards in Colombia.

Grupo Anderson’s triumphant at Marketing Awards in Colombia.

On June 23rd, Bogota, Colombia became the stage for the prestigious “LatamDigital Interlat Marketing Awards”, a highly significant event in the field of digital marketing in Latin America. During this exciting and recognition-filled night, Grupo Anderson’s took home three awards, solidifying its position as a leading reference in the gastronomic industry.


These awards not only highlight excellence and quality in customer service but also the ability to adapt and overcome in a constantly evolving digital world. With great pride, we received three awards in different categories, consolidating our reputation as an innovative and industry-leading company.


The first award we received was for “Best Digital Shopping Experience.” Through our brand HRoof, one of Mexico’s most exclusive nightclubs, we have reinvented the digital tourism purchasing experience. We created an automated, appealing, and intuitive virtual system for the reservation process using a QR code. With this system, we have increased advance bookings by seven hundred percent and our walk-in access by two hundred ninety-seven percent, resulting in a monthly sales growth of two hundred fifty thousand dollars.


The second award of the night was for “Best Omnichannel Strategy.” We carried out a successful crowdfunding campaign for the La Vicenta brand through the Play Business platform with the goal of turning our guests into loyal partners. The 360 campaign consolidated all digital channels, including influencer marketing, pop-up menu QR codes, social media, mailing, billboards on the country’s main avenues, and interviews in mass media. This effort reached an impact of over eight million people.


Lastly, the third award we received was for “Best Omnichannel Customer Service.” We launched an augmented reality strategy on Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen. Through this, we conducted a social media campaign promoting our spots with augmented reality, which, when scanned, provided different prizes to tourists through dynamic landing pages and QR codes. This led customers to visit us and show their QR codes to receive their prizes, allowing us to complete the web conversion of the campaigns and understand the true impact of our advertisements.


The award ceremony also featured the presence of prominent leaders and professionals from Mexico and Latin America, who witnessed the well-deserved recognition of Grupo Anderson’s. Renowned companies such as Pangea Digital, Grupos Argos, Rappi Turbo, and Grupo IUSA, among others, shared the stage with the awarded company. This gathering was not only a celebration of individual achievements but also a networking and mutual learning space among industry leaders.


The night of June 23rd will be engraved in history as a date filled with success and recognition. The three awards received at the “LatamDigital Interlat Marketing Awards” showcase our commitment to excellence, quality, and service.


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