Vicenta Miyana Opening in Mexico City

Vicenta Miyana Opening in Mexico City

For the enthusiasts of fine dining and those passionate about grilled meat, La Vicenta is making an exciting debut in Miyana, Polanco!

At the heart of La Vicenta is a passion for high-quality grilled meat. Each cut is carefully selected, ensuring not only a delight for the palate but also an experience that celebrates tradition and expertise in every bite. From juicy steaks to tender cuts, La Vicenta believes that perfectly grilled meat is an art that should be shared.

At our new location, you will enjoy reinvented classics that will take you on an unparalleled culinary journey. Be surprised not only by our meat cuts but also by traditional dishes that evoke authentic flavors, such as Pork Belly Volcanoes, Quesabirrias, or a delicious Chilaquiles Burger.

At La Vicenta, we understand that a good meal goes hand in hand with excellent drinks. Our carefully crafted drink menu is designed to enhance the flavors of our dishes. From classic cocktails to innovative creations, each sip is an experience that elevates your visit to a higher level.

The new location of La Vicenta in Miyana is not just a place to enjoy excellent food but also a space to create lasting memories. With a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation and good company, we aim for each visit to be an experience that awakens all your senses. Our always-smiling and dedicated staff are ready to welcome you with open arms and ensure you feel at home.

Get ready to live a unique gastronomic experience at La Vicenta Miyana, Polanco!