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The month of June begins with great news, Grupo Anderson’s has once again been awarded by Grupo Mundo Ejecutivo with three prestigious awards from Sabores y Colores de México for the Ilios, Harry’ y Porfirio’srestaurants.

This year Grupo Mundo Ejecutivo gathered and awarded the 20 best restaurants in Mexico by category. With the purpose of promoting the Mexican market, the best of gastronomy that day by day manages to delight the palates of each of its guests with their culinary art.

The awards ceremony took place at Porfirio’s Toreo on Wednesday, June 2, where renowned restaurants such as El Pinche Gringo, El Japonés, and El Cardenal were present.

With more than 50 business units in 5 different countries, Grupo Anderson’s, recognized for being the leader in the restaurant industry, was awarded for Ilios, Harry’ and Porfirio ‘s restaurants. Each of the brands received different awards, adding three more to the list.



Distinguished for being a restaurant that represents a non-cliché Mexico, they have managed to transform the gastronomy of our country into contemporary works of art, offering the highest sophistication in ingredients and flavor, bringing the best of the street to your table. This is why on this occasion they were awarded in the category of Best Mexican Restaurant. 

It currently has establishments in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Merida, Puebla, Culiacán, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Coapa, Masaryk, and Toreo.


Known as the best Mediterranean restaurant in Mexico and internationally recognized for its fascinating architecture, it has arrived to captivate all those who witness the culinary experience that this restaurant has to offer. 

With locations in Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Mexico City, it has become the trendiest spot thanks to its innovative gastronomic proposal influenced by Mediterranean cuisine, which includes various dishes prepared with a creative concept in its presentation and ingredients of the highest quality and freshness fusing flavors in a perfect way, which has managed to captivate the most demanding diners.

It is not difficult to know why Ilios has generated so much impact, winner of 5 worldwide architecture awards, winner of the Star Diamond Award, among others, this time has been awarded this year as best Terrace in Mexico City. This is how Ilios proves every day that it is the best restaurant in its category nationwide.


When we refer to fine dining, we are talking about a restaurant characterized by its meticulous care in the creation of its gastronomic offer, its impeccable selection of the highest quality ingredients brought from all over the world, harmony, and perfection in dishes and drinks; in addition to the concept, architecture, and interior design, which goes hand in hand with the qualified personnel, who through excellence and their careful service provide all guests with a unique experience.

Being the best that offers their guests the best cuts certifications that exist and the most exotic treasures found in the depths of the sea, this year 2022, have been awarded the award as Best Steakhouse in Mexico

It currently has establishments in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Acapulco, and Polanco.

Without a doubt, you can not miss the opportunity to visit any of its branches and taste the best quality, service, and high gastronomic level offered by our brands.