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Located in the heart of Tulum’s Hotel Zone you will find BAK’ Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar, an incredible restaurant that offers excellent cuisine with the finest and most exclusive cuts of meat in the world. Such is the case of certified Japanese Kobe, Australian Black Onyx, and USDA PRIME; as well as some of the freshest and most exotic seafood in the world.


But that’s not all, at BAK’ you can enjoy one of the best culinary experiences while delighting in an incredible mystical show, known as “Cha’an Ka’ak”. This is a show brought as a gift from Kauil, God of Fire, to offer protection and energy to the soul where his secret ritual of fire is experienced, creating a sensory visit immersed in a magical atmosphere and energy of ancestral rites.


This unique concept manifests the Mayan traditions through its environment, giving a special space to sacred animals and relating everything to the cosmogony of BAK’. In this way we can see the serpent, symbolizing the earthly world; the jaguar, presenting the power of the night as the sacred door to the underworld and counterpart of light; the quetzal, representing the elegance that embellishes the moment when the sun begins to rise, giving way to a new day; the eagle that balances our existence and consciousness with its dark mantle of high celestial power, just at the point where the sun sets to give way to night; and the crocodile, which is right at the center of the universe and the cosmos, carrying the world on its back.


Without a doubt, BAK’ is the place where you want to spend a night in Tulum. Its surroundings envelop you in an experience of ancient legends with the best culinary offerings and the most spectacular shows in the area.