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Do you know everything there is behind this 100% Mexican company?

Although Grupo Anderson’s is a name that refers directly to the history of hospitality in our country, you may not know the details of how it became the leading restaurant group in Mexico.

In order for you to learn a little more about its particular history and growth, here are 10 facts you didn’t know about the most important restaurant consortium in Mexico:

1) Grupo Anderson’s began with a banderilla stand located in México City, founded by Carlos Anderson in the 1960s. In a short period of time, it grew to 28 stands in different locations in the city, laying the foundations for the group’s successful future.

2) It currently has 58 years in the market and is the largest restaurant consortium in Mexico, with a presence in 6 countries and more than 53 business units.

3) Yarda is its best-known drink worldwide, becoming known in our restaurant Señor Frog’s and becoming popular all over the world.

4) It has 16 different brands, each with a unique concept, cuisine, and architecture: Señor Frog’s, Nicoletta, Harry’s, Porfirio’s, BAK’, Macario, Ilios, H Roof Nighclub, H Moonlight, H Bar, Carlos’n Charlie’s, Fred’s, CAO de Tierra y de Mar, La VicentaEl Squid Roe.

5) In just a year and a half he has won numerous awards, in areas ranging from excellence in service, gastronomy, and hospitality, to architecture, interior design, and marketing:

  1. Premio LATAM Digital for “Best Digital Intelligence Campaign”, awarded in Bogota, Colombia.
  2. DNA Paris Design Award, granted to Ilios Cancun in the category “Best interior design”.
  3. The International Hotel & Property Award, given in 2019 to Porfirio’s Guadalajara, was awarded as Best Global Restaurant.
  4. Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, presented to BAK’ on winning the award for “International Biophilic Design”.
  5. The International Hotel & Property Award, in its 2021 edition, was awarded to Ilios Tulum as “Best Restaurant in the Americas and the Caribbean”.
  6. The International Hotel & Property Award for Ilios Greek Estiatorio de Cancún as the Best Global Restaurant.
  7. The Distintivo T, awarded by the Taste Mexico organization to La Vicenta, Macario, Harry’s, Fred’s, CAO de Tierra y de Mar, BAK’, Ilios and Nicoletta.  
  8. The highest hospitality award, Star Diamond Award from the AAHS, for Porfirio’s, Ilios, Harry’s, BAK’, Nicoletta, and H Roof. 

6)  It has its own line of wines, within which 4 wine labels and 8 varieties have been developed, each one representing a producer and a different state of our country. These labels are available only in the group’s restaurants and are a showcase of the highest quality Mexican wines:

  • Buen Entendedor: Blend y Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Ojo del Amo: Blend y Malbec
  • Arbol Torcido: Cabernet Sauvignon y Chardonnay
  • Trato Hecho: Shiraz y Zinfandel.

7) The corporation is located in the city of Cancún, Quintana Roo, where more than 160 employees work, making us one of the companies that generate more jobs in the Riviera Maya.

8) Although many believe otherwise, Señor Frog’s is 100% Mexican. Our most famous brand was founded in 1990 and currently has 7 branches outside of Mexico: Bahamas, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Freeport, Nassau, and Puerto Rico, and will soon open our 8th branch in Panama City Beach, Florida.

9) We are the official Formula 1 restaurant group in Mexico, with the exclusive presence of four of our brands: Harry’s, Porfirio’s, Ilios, and La Vicenta.

10) The ideology of the consortium is “we don’t have clients, we have guests”.

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