Grupo Anderson’s EN


Grupo Anderson’s has positioned itself as the best and the largest restaurant group in México, apart from its impeccable service, innovation in the culinary area, and entertainment we can highlight its ambiance which characterizes and gives life to each brand of the group, the brands that you can find in the first Golf Tournament of Grupo Anderson’s to be held on March 19th will be:

Ilios, restaurant, which will bring the best of Greece to the course, Fred’s with an atmosphere that provides a tropical experience thanks to its essence that pays homage to the Mexican Caribbean, Señor Frog’s with all the fun and atmosphere that characterizes it, Porfirio’s that praises the best of Mexico with its mariachi, Harrys with its excellent quality and attention to detail, CAO with its authenticity in style, La Vicenta with its unparalleled attitude and spark 100% Grill, Nicoletta with the most striking of Italy and of course H Roof the most exclusive nightclub in the Riviera Maya that with its atmosphere will take you to live an electrifying night.

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