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Mexico is the perfect synonym for the best vacations ever and actually, it doesn’t matter where you go, fun is guaranteed. But let’s talk about one of the most trendy – boho places in Mexico that has already become one of the most visited destinations and being added to the bucket list of many travelers around the world, located in Riviera Maya; Tulum. A place surrounded by white sand beaches with multiple cultural outdoors activities, where art and nature combine and culinary experiences are just above and beyond.

While you are in Tulum, make sure to visit as much as you can! We promise, you will never run out of things to do, and if you don’t know where to start your tour in this amazing town, this is a guide of the best places at the hotel zone you can’t miss during your vacations.


Tulum Mayan Ruins 

Located about 79mi south of Cancun, 38mi south if you go from Playa del Carmen along the mayan route. Considered as one of the most beautiful and main attractions in Tulum, maybe you have seen it in pictures, instagram feeds or some movies. The original name Maya of this emblematic mayan city , Zamá translated as “the dawning sun”, poised on fifteen-meter-high cliffs above turquoise and brilliant waters of the Caribbean Sea, making it a breathtaking setting, becoming one of the top Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico and the area.

Prepare your camera phone to take the best shots and don’t forget to take your bathing suit with you, as you can swim in one of the most delightful beaches in the caribbean. 




Nicoletta Modern Italian Kitchen 

Nicoletta, is more than just a restaurant, a place where Italian luxury is the protagonist and capricious palates are conquered. The perfect mix of scents and flavors that delights and honors traditional cuisine. Where gastronomy and great taste are one, the architecture of the place will blow your mind out by its contemporary atmosphere, sculptures, paintings, architectural finish and illumination that will make you feel out of this world.  Pastas and pizza are a must you need to try at Nicoletta, enjoy yourself with explosive and dynamic dishes full of art expressions from its unique and personalized preparation and history of the most emblematic gastronomy that will take you back to ancient and amazing Italy.

Take your dinner to the next level at the best Italian restaurant in Tulum, come and visit us. Don’t forget to book through our website: or social media.


Mystika Museum

A mayan journey, where cosmos and visuals are mixed and having as a result the most perfect expression of art in rooms and walls all over a museum. You will find a completely dream expression and  vibe that will make you feel the most beautiful part of living. We promise you the place will make you feel charged of energy.


DINNER WITH A SHOW RESTAURANTS (from 5:00pm till late) :

Macario Contemporary Mexican Kitchen 

Macario is a tribute to Mexican gastronomy,  a place surrounded by the jungle and exclusiveness. Where every plate is a masterpiece, inspired on earth and cosmos that are a reflection of Mexican ancestors and cultures. Earth, cosmos, nature, death and traditions are the most emblematic elements that are part of a breathtaking experience in Macario. Where history and gastronomy mix together and show the exquisite first level Mexican flavor. Tasted the Avocado tostada: Blue corn toast, avocado rosette, golden grasshoppers and avocado leaf ash, we promise you will feel grateful to earth for every element on your plate. Witness the unique and spectacular atmosphere with the best music, mixology and culinary experience. Don’t forget to book through our website: or social media.

BAK’ Steakhouse & Raw Bar

Cosmology and gods are the main inspiration for Mayans culture and BAK’ Prime SteakHouse & Raw Bar is an unmissable gastronomic representation and sensory experience, discovering a world of legendary beliefs and traditions where adventure encounters with nature.

Located in the glamorous Tulum’s Hotel Zone KM 8.5, the atmosphere will make you vibe with a delightful dining experience along with a selection of the highest quality ingredients, not to mention the explosive and dynamic mixology, created to exquisite you with their great taste and in companion of an immersive fire show that will involve your mind and senses: Cha’an Ka’ak, a tribute to Kauil, god of Fire will make you connect and raise your energy to a next level #DinnerWithAShow

Come and visit us in Tulum, a lifetime trip you shouldn’t miss. Book your visit on our official website

Ilios Greek Estiatorio

Ilios has brought the unique flavor of Greece to the Riviera Maya, along with a variety of dishes, made with premium ingredients that integrate an exquisite taste and captivating presentations. The selection of fish and seafood they have for you made honor to the best of Greek gastronomy, from which you can choose between 5 preparations as grilled on the charcoal grill, wood oven, fried, plaki or salt.  Its design, culinary excellence, visual harmony and ambiance will make your night at Ilios unforgettable, connecting spirit, energy and soul. Not only will you be able to enjoy the varieties of the menu, you will have the opportunity to experience a fascinating show; an Aerial Fire Show awaits you with jaw-dropping acrobats who are ready to ignite your night. In addition, a Belly Dance show will complement your experience to the fullest, setting the mood with a stage full of energy with one of the magnificent shows in the purest style of culture, the Plate Smashing gives us the opportunity to experience a traditional Greek custom, where guests break plates to the rhythm of the music while shouting OPA! Ilios guarantees a totally unique experience.

Visit Ilios, a unique space where every element is designed to take your breath away. Don’t forget to book through our website:  or social media.

NIGHTLIFE (from 10pm till late):

H Moonlight Club

H Moonlight, located at BAK’s Rooftop. Home to a vibrant scene of local shops, and restaurants. Tulum has grown as a dance music host destination for best house and techno DJs, and well known for the amazing clubbing concept where beach vibes, cool crowds and electric nights make you party till dawn.  

H Moonlight, for wild and free souls, a place to feel the most enigmatic rhythms and experience the best of luxury and discover the most trendy spot in the Caribbean. Enjoy your nights by dancing under the moon and the stars while grabbing some drinks from a fun and exotic mixology that will electrify your senses. An experience you need to live more than once.  #MeetMeAtTheMoon

The only thing you will regret about not coming before. Check the lineup in the official webpage:  and book your table now.