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After a successful first edition in which both our guests and ourselves were left wanting more, we are proud to celebrate once again our awaited Whisky Festival 2022. Elegant distillate made from cereal aged in wooden barrels, thanks to its aromatic notes and delicious flavor, whiskey has become the favorite drink of many, and Grupo Anderson’s is no exception.


That is why from May 1st to 31st of this year we are preparing its second edition for you, hand in hand with two renowned and exclusive Diageo brands: Johnnie Walker and Buchanan’s


During the Festival you will be able to enjoy original creations, the result of the fusion between whiskey and vibrant ingredients that will pamper your palate. Live this unique experience in our restaurants CAO, La Vicenta , Macario, Harry´s, FRED ‘S, Porfirio´s , BAK’, Nicoletta, e Ilios.


Delight your palate with the variety of original cocktails that experts have prepared for you. For lovers of citrus notes and fresh flavors, we recommend “Velvet Maze” made with Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Aperol, orange, and cranberry with a touch of mint and raspberry. This delicious drink can be found at Nicoletta’s, Harry’s, and of course BAK’.


If you are looking for a sweeter drink, “SR. JAMES” is the one for you, its spicy touches of cinnamon and coffee together with BUCHANAN ‘S 18, will make a party of flavors on your palate. This exquisite drink can be found at Porfirio’s, Macario, and Ilios.

For red fruit lovers, “RED PASSION” is the perfect drink, with its combination of raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries that will make a drink a sensory experience. You can try this balanced cocktail at CAO, Vicenta, and Fred’s.

Do not miss the cocktails that our mixology expert has prepared for you, demonstrating once again that whiskey can be experienced in different ways to delight us with its great taste, aromas, and versatility.


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