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Enjoy the best chile en nogada recipes that Grupo Anderson’s brings to you!


The chile en nogada season has become one of the most awaited dates by Mexican cuisine lovers since it can only be enjoyed during a certain season of the year due to the fact that the ingredients used in its recipe are only available for a defined period of time since its cultivation is done exclusively from July to September.

The history of its creation dates back to September 1821, when the first emperor of Mexico, Agustin de Iturbide, visited the city of Puebla, specifically the town of Santa Monica, after the Consummation of the Independence of Mexico, where the celebrations, ovations, and decorations highlight the colors of the Trigarante Army. Within these celebrations, Agustín de Iturbide was invited to a banquet held by nuns from different convents in the city; among them, Las Agustinas, who were known for their talent in the culinary arts and, for the special occasion, took a recipe of sweet chiles to transform it into a dish with the colors of their flag, to which the emperor could not resist. 

Chiles en nogada went from being a recipe of the Mexican tables to a dish consecrated as cultural heritage by UNESCO, and its origin encompasses a great gastronomic and cultural heritage. A historical heritage that every year conquers and delights the palates of Mexicans and foreigners.

That is why, being the leaders in the restaurant industry in Mexico, this year we are once again paying tribute to Mexican cuisine, adding this glorious dish with two special recipes and, for the first time, exclusive cocktails to the menus of five of our brands: Porfirio’s, Macario, CAO, La Vicenta y Carlos’n Charlie’s; to honor and celebrate Mexican gastronomy along with its traditions, which are distinguished by their rich history and flavors that you can enjoy exclusively from July 1 to September 30.

You already know the dish, the flavor is an experience on the palate that overflows with sweet and savory sensations. A chile en nogada that from beginning to end will make you feel Mexico on your palate, made with the famous poblano chile.

Traditional Poblano Chile en nogada

El mejor Chile en Nogada Tradicional

A traditional recipe in recognition of its place of origin, with a choice of topped or un-topped, stuffed with an exclusive selection of the best pork, seasonal fruits, almonds, and raisins. With nogada sauce, pomegranate and parsley. Traditionally patriotic dish that will be available only at Porfirio ‘s Puebla.

Chile en Nogada 

El mejor Chile en Nogada

Filled with a mixture of the best finely chopped pork, accompanied by seasonal fruits, almonds, and raisins that give a unique touch. It could not miss the delicious nogada sauce, made with exquisite walnuts, the result of a whole inspiration of our national emblem; sprinkled with sweet and juicy pomegranate and parsley, as well as gold-plated almonds, a sample of the culinary treasure of our country. Available at Porfirio ‘s, Macario, CAO, La Vicenta y Carlos’n Charlie ‘s.

Seasonal Specials

In conjunction with two well-known Diageo brands, Don Julio reposado, and Mezcal Únion Jóven, you can enjoy two special seasonal cocktails; “China Poblan”, our special tequila and orange cocktail to cure your sorrows, and “Nogadita”, a refreshing drink made with mezcal and the typical Mexican flavor of horchata. These recipes have been created by our corporate mixologist, Ricardo Orozco, in honor of this emblematic Mexican dish. Available at Porfirio’s, Macario, CAO, La Vicenta, and Carlos’n Charlie’s.

Cóctel de temporada
Cóctel de temporada
China Poblana

Now that you know, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the best chile en nogada and enjoy our season from July 1 to September 30 in the participating restaurant brands of the leading consortium of the restaurant industry in Mexico, Grupo Anderson’s.