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Last Tuesday, July 5th, a press conference was held at Harry’s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar to announce that Grupo Anderson’s, is the new official sponsor of the fastest growing soccer clubin the Expansion League, Cancún FC.

This represents a great opportunity to become an official sponsor of one of the most important industries worldwide, soccer.

Cancún FCrecently announced its new owners; Negocios en Fútbol Profesional SA de CV, a Mexican company whose two major shareholders are Ben Guill and Jeff Luhnow at the beginning of June.

This represents a great opportunity for Cancun FC, as it will be a great support and boost for the team to represent the destination worldwide, as well as progress in Mexican soccer.

Currently, Cancun is considered one of the most visited vacation destinations in Latin America, where millions of tourists are received throughout the year, so it was only a matter of time before the city wanted to have a first-class team. The most important objective for the club is to develop a brand that can represent the city of Cancun and its community in the world by training local and national talent, and what better than a Mexican company such as Grupo Anderson’s; Mexico’s leading restaurant consortium, to be the official sponsor of Cancún FC and support Mexican talent in soccer. 

Grupo Anderson's, official sponsor of Cancún FC

The press conference was attended by the club’s new president, Jeff Luhnow, as well as Giovanni Solazzi, the team’s vice-president. Also present for Grupo Anderson’s were Jan Krouham and Carlos Castro, director of operations and director of marketing, respectively.

Grupo Anderson’s has a long and successful history in Quintana Roo and throughout México and is recognized worldwide as a provider of unique experiences. We are proud to welcome Grupo Anderson’s as our first title sponsor for Cancun FC’s new beginning,” commented Luhnow. “We want to turn Cancun FC into a global brand. To do so, we need to partner with the best brands in Quintana Roo, México, and around the world,” said the new club president at the conference.

peaking of the team’s expansion plans within the Caribbean destination, Solazzi commented: “At Cancun FC we want to be more than just a soccer team. We want to integrate art, culture, gastronomy, and entertainment to create an unforgettable experience for our local and international fans”. This growth can only go hand in hand with equally innovative companies, so this union was a matter of time, to which the vice president added: “Grupo Anderson’s is an ideal partner to help us achieve this goal, as it has revolutionized the gastronomic industry and the concept of culinary experience in Mexico”.

Carlos Castro, marketing director of Grupo Anderson’s, emphasized that since Cancun is the official corporate headquarters and Cancún FC is the soccer team that will soon stand out nationally in soccer, it is a logical and pertinent alliance.

In addition to being the official sponsor, Grupo Anderson’s, gave the news that La Vicenta, one of the most fun brands, will be the new home of the team, in order to become the ideal place for all their guests to enjoy with friends, partner or family the games of Cancún FC. They also commented that they will not only be showing the games, but they will be constantly doing activations, and meet & greets with the players, among many more activities that you can’t miss

This is the first of many steps for Cancún to join the showcase of one of the most important industries worldwide, soccer.