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A good meal is best enjoyed with friends, family, or your partner, and what better way to enjoy the best barbecue flavors at the Festival de Asados y Parrilla: Brasas México this October 15th and 16th, where La Vicenta will have a great presence as it will be operating the VIP area of the event.


You are probably wondering what Brasas México is.


Brasas Mexico is a barbecue and grill festival that brings together the main and best barbecue restaurants in the country and for the first time, Mexico City will be the venue this 2022. During the event, you will be able to enjoy everything from classic grilled, charcoal-grilled, and flame-grilled cuts to exotic ducks, venison, and buffalo, among many others.


Some participating brands are Pepsi, mezcals, craft beers, the best brands of national and imported wines, and Grupo Anderson’s with La Vicenta, who will operate the VIP Zone of the event.


What will La Vicenta’s participation be?


This year, the organizing committee of Sabor es Polanco, which is also part of OCESA, has invited La Vicenta, one of the group’s brands, to be part of the event by hosting the VIP Zone, where attendees will be able to enjoy unique experiences at all times. In addition, one of its brand ambassadors will be present: Adrian Reyes, better known as Mr. BBQ and for having the best grilling techniques, who will lead the whole grilling experience of the event on both days.


Don’t miss October 15th and 16th the opportunity to be part of the VIP Zone of Brasas México, Festival de Asados y Parrillas, which will take place at the Infield of the Hipódromo de las Américas in Mexico City, and live unique experiences with the expert grillers of Grupo Anderson’s.