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Day of the Dead is one of the greatest legacies of pre-Hispanic peoples, which is considered one of the most beautiful Mexican traditions and recognized worldwide by UNESCO. For this reason, this year at Grupo Anderson’s, we join the celebration with our Ode to Death Festival, a tribute that reminds us that death is part of life and is also celebrated.

In this edition, in collaboration with Turín®, we have an exquisite Pan de Muerto and with Diageo, two beverages that are added to the mixology menu of 10 of our brands: Vicenta, Harry’s, Carlos’n Charlie’s, Fred’s, Macario, Porfirio’s, Ilios, CAO, BAK’, and Nicoletta, available for a limited time from October 26th to November 6th.

Ode to Death presents the best Pan de Muerto with Turín®, made with an exquisite soft brioche-like dough with orange zest and orange blossom that will give it a unique flavor, filled with hazelnut cream and ice cream to choose from the flavor line per restaurant, including (chocolate, vanilla, coffee, marzipan, pistachio, matcha, cookies n’ cream pistachio stracciatella, among others) sprinkled with brown sugar and with a bed of colored wafers that will bring this delight from the underworld to life.

Pan de Muerto

Out of this world drinks!

The Cry of Kuxtal

A drink that represents the beauty of the night and the underworld, with bold flavors based on J.W Gold Label®, with a touch of maple honey, peach, and a splendid passion fruit flavor with one of the most representative flowers of the season: the marigold.

The Cry of Kuxtal

Red Scorn

For those who love something a little sweeter, we present a spine-chillingly original presentation, made with Don Julio 70®, Aperol, and seasonal toppings of blueberries, a chilling drink.

Red Scorn

This year, let’s celebrate life after death with Grupo Anderson’s! Visit your favorite restaurant from the participating brands in our Ode to Death festival and don’t miss out on the best Pan de Muerto from October 26th to November 6th.